Brainsporting – the scientific "braingame"

The aim of our research group is to analyze different phenomenons of the sporting world with economy’s methodology in order to enhance performance and motivate everyone who is interested in similar questions. The Brainsporting group includes scientific researchers and academics who are dedicated to use their practical experiences in other areas of sports as well.

As the Research Center of the University of Physical Education, we prepare scientific studies, analytics and forecasts for media and individuals too.

Our researchers analyze all kinds of situations involved in decision making which can happen in the practice of sport players, coaches and managers. We do researches with statistics and sport analytics, as well as give advice in sports-related problem-solving. We deal with a wide range of publications, which vary from short and playful online articles to doctoral theses.

The Brainsporting group would like to invite everyone interested in its topics to contribute to its work and publications.


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