International Projects

The Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS) of Budapest participates in projects beyond the borders of the Hungary. Projects include joint activities in the areas of research and training, blending theory and practice with an international dimension. The main goal is to share, knowledge, expertize and best practices, and to generate and finance great academic and mobility related opportunities for HUSS faculty, students as well as our partner institutions. These projects also entail significant intercultural exposure and enrich our faculty’s scope and expertize. Among the European higher educational institutions, HUSS has participated the most sports profession related projects as a consortium partner.

HUSS welcomes new initiatives at the International Relations Center, where project initiatives are coordinated in close collaboration with the academic institutes.

Ongoing projects

  • IJF Academy >>>
  • FIE Fencing Coaching Program >>>
  • Sport for Sustainable Development >>>
  • TES-D Sport Diplomacy >>>
  • V4V Projekt (Erasmus+ sport) >>>
  • Move the Mind Projekt (Erasmus+) >>>
  • LESS4MORE (E+ sport) >>>
  • ROC (Erasmus+) >>>
  • Meter Matters Projekt (E+ sport) >>>

Finished projects

  • Adapted Physical Activity in Vocational Education and Training (APAVET)
  • Atheletes2Business (A2B) >>>
  • Athletes Learning Entrepreneurship (AtLETyC) >>>
  • Creating a level playing field (ENGSO) >>>
  • Dual Career for Athletes (DC4AC) >>>
  • European LEarning Syllabus for outdoor Animators (ELESA) >>>
  • FIBA  >>>
  • Good Governance in Grassroots Sport (GGGS) >>>
  • Lifelong Learning Strategy for Sport and Active Leisure (EOSE) >>>
  • Strategy for a Competent Workforce (VSPORT+) >>>


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