Facts and Figures
  • Established in 1925, we are the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive centre for physical education, sports, and related sciences in Hungary.
  • We have 2,668 students.
  • Our students consistently achieve the highest performance at entrance exams compared to those at other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) providing sports programs.
  • We host the only Doctoral School in Sport Sciences in Hungary.
  • Our faculty and alumni work as leading members of boards for several national sport associations and serve as head coaches in the national leagues in various fields of sport. They are also selected as prestigious members of international sports bodies.
  • Our educators and alumni have strategic roles in the reorganized Hungarian national sports administration.
  • We provide globally acclaimed degrees.
  • We focus on EU and international policy and professional development in Sport and Physical Education (PE), including Dual Career, Good Governance, and Volunteering and Social Inclusion.
  • We have numerous international agreements and a widespread global network, including 22 Erasmus partners in 43 countries.
  • We are members of major professional sports organizations.
  • Our campus is fully enclosed, with 16 sport facilities and laboratories, and is undergoing a major reconstruction and expansion project.
  • We offer practice-oriented training programs.
  • Our International Coaching Course offers training in over 20 sports out of the 28 Olympic sports and receives students from every country in the world.
  • In recent years, our students have participated in the National Student Scientific (OTDK), winning 3 golden medals, 2 silver, and 1 bronze as of 2015.
  • We provide lifelong support throughout the entire career.
  • Student satisfaction with educational and other services at HUSS was rated 4 out of 5 in January 2016.
  • Student satisfaction with educators’ performance was rated 4.22 out of 5 in January 2016.
  • The majority of our graduates would recommend HUSS to others.
  • HUSS graduates draw the highest comparative income among Hungarian HEIs offering similar programs.

Our institutional chronology is as follows:

  •   1925-1945: Hungarian Royal College of Physical Education
  •   1945-1985: College of Physical Education (TF)
  •   1985-2000: Hungarian University of Physical Education (TF)
  •   2000-2014: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (TF), Semmelweis University
  •   2014-2021: University of Physical Education (TE), Budapest
  •   2021- Present: Hungarian University of Sports Science (TF)


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