ROC (Erasmus+)

Projekt name: Recommendations based on analysing the implementation of the Outdoor Sector's certifications across the EU - ROC (Erasmus+)

Project leader: European Confederation Of Outdoor Employers

Project ID: KA2 2021-2-BE02-KA210-VET-000049672

Start Date: 04.01.2022.

End Date: 04.01.2022.

Description of project

The concrete objectives, addressing the common need of the recognition of the Outdoor Sector’s professionals in European level, are: Bringing grassroots organisations of the Outdoor Sector, newcomers to the programme, together with higher education institutions in a balanced win-win partnership, building a transnational network focusing on recognition of the field.

Enhancement of the organisations’ capacity to work in a transnational environment while increasing the quality of their work and their intercultural awareness, by exchanging with new actors coming from other sectors.

Contribution to development and/or improvement of VET curricula which are adaptable to labour market needs at EU level, fostering mutual recognition of qualifications, promoting access to training for those with less opportunities.

Setting concrete milestones for the future strategic planning of the network which will reinforce the overall aim of the field’s recognition and qualitative implementation of outdoor certification across EU. The flow of the planned activities is supposed to lead to jointly agreed recommendations based on the analysis and the overview of the outdoor certifications implementation in various member states. Furthermore, the generated recommendations in combination with the future strategic planning of the network will contribute in long term transparency of the recognition and certification of qualifications of employees, especially the young ones and newcomers, and in overcoming skills mismatch among the various national realities.

The project objectives are in line with the following priorities of the Programmes in the field of vocational education and training:

  • creation and implementation of internationalisation strategies for VET providers: the project is proposed by a balanced
  • partnership between grassroots labour marker representatives and higher institutions providing VET curricula.


  1. Professional Federation of Natural Sports Enterprises- BFNO (Belgium)
  2. Hellenic Association of Tourism Enterprises in Outdoor Activities (Greece)
  3. Panepistimio Thessalias (Greece)
  4. Hungarian University of Sports Scinces (HU)
  5. France Plein Air (France)
  6. Munster Technological University
  7. (Ireland)
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