EASS2023 Conference

The Hungarian University of Sports Science cordially invites the European and global social science community to eass2023 Budapest, the European Conference for the Sociology of Sport, to be organised between May 30 and June 2, 2023 in Budapset with the theme of Transitioning sport – Transitioning European societies.

Read more about the conference, prepare your scientific results and share it with us. Registration to begin soon. 

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  • Patrons of the conference: Tamás Sterbenz, Rector and Gábor Géczi, Head of the Institute
  • Chairs of the conference: Szilvia Perényi & Tamás Dóczi, associate professors

Transitioning sport – Transitioning European societies

The decade of the 2020s has so far witnessed immense changes in the ways we think about the world, our place in it, and also in how we go about our everyday activities. The Coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the various physical and economic restrictions we had to live with have connected us with technology more than ever, and have put our mental health to stress that had been unprecedented in the life of most generations living on the planet. Many re-evaluate their life situations, relationships and the things they find important in life. These times have shown both the unimportance of sport (when focus turns to basic survival skills), and the importance of it (how much we need a good run, a fun game, or to be entertained and distracted from the problems around us).

European societies, organizations and individuals have responded to the crisis in different ways, and there are contrasting ideas of how to move forward from here. This is true for sport and its social functions as well – concerns of sustainability, social justice, equity and exploitation keep asking questions about how the different areas of sport should develop in the future and about how sport can maintain its structures, functions and spaces; how sport can actually contribute to the well-being of people in transitioning societies in the face of globalization and crisis.

This conference will provide a forum for scholars to discuss and debate these important issues. Beyond the main theme, the congress will also feature a diverse range of sessions to enable scholars, including postgraduate students, the opportunity to share their latest research.

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