Publication Opportunity

There is a special publication opportunity for the presenters of Sports and Innovation International Conference.

The purpose of the journal entitled Physical Education, Sport and Science (PSS), issued four times a year by the University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary is to publish high standard articles in Hungarian and English languages, in the field of basic sport sciences and those related to the applied research pursued by sports professionals. The papers of the present conference are to be compiled in a special thematic issue focusing on innovation.

The journal promotes the publication of original research articles, review articles and book reviews, and provides forum for the abstracts of scientific conferences organized at the University of Physical Education. Original and review articles will go through a review process (independent, double-blind reviews), while book reviews are to be published by invited authors. PSS welcomes manuscripts of original research and reviews on any field of sport sciences, such as physical education, training methods, society and economy. Since this journal is bilingual, we also accept manuscripts by international authors.

Adapting to the Internet-based world, PSS will be published online, thus it is available for all readers and it promotes the dissemination of knowledge and scientific research in sport sciences. The Editorial Board consists of well-known national and international researchers.

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