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GETGET Gyártó és Szolgáltató Kft.

Our Mission - We understand the idea of the investor and the operator, we understand the intention of the designer, we imagine ourselves in the situation of the contractor, we feel the difficulties that arise. We connect the engineering knowledge, the most up-to-date technology, quality workmanship, the most efficient economic approach and overall responsibility for the environment.

Our Services - Computer lighting technology design and visualisation / Research and development activities, innovation solutions / Lighting upgrades and return calculations / Project management, consulting / Operation.

Product development and manufacturing in the field of both desing and high-tech solutions. Together with the largest experts in each field, we research and develop, creating custom productions and solutions that will eventually become series-produced products. Our goal is for customers to count on GET Ltd as a reliable partner in lighting technology in Hungary and in our wider economic area.

National Association of Human Kinesiologists


Innoria Tech’s Team Flow System is the first in the world to measure and develop interoperability in a team. The product achieves this with EEG-based brainwave analysis, with real-time biofeedback and categorized gamification trainings.

The peak performance of individuals and teams depends on mental attitudes and synchronicity. With the Team Flow System team disintegration under pressure can be avoided. It improves attention, the quality of decision-making, team unity, and accelerates regeneration, lowering stress level. An integrated AI coach automatically trains teams, synchronizing up to 8 athletes at a time and getting them to perform best on the field.

In addition to teams, it is also used in the training of individual athletes, and is currently used in the preparation for World Championships and Olympics.

Leisure Mater HGLeisure Master Kft.

The new generation of the weighted clothes and the future alternative of the average weighted wests. Our brand new training system based on the hypergravity. By our innovative product you can apply extra strain not only to your body but also to your limbs!

The silicon weights are soft and flexible so you can wear the shirt during a contact sport without hurting yourself or an opponent.

Of course the HG Sport Technology system is available for your upper and lower body also!

The system includes 3 parts: Pocket underwear + Soft silicone weights + Outer compression shirt

Nitro2O2tankfactory International Kft.

Nitro2 - ultimate energizing oxygen products.

Are you ready to reach your full potential? It’s the time to break your limits! Higher performance – More stamina – Stronger muscles – Extra energy during the workouts and competition. Nitro2 is the new way of energizers. No coffeine, no stimulants, no calories! Extra power comes from high purity oxygen. Nitro2 is 99% pure Oxygen, all-natural and safe. According to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), supplemental oxygen is not considered a banned substance.

SkillDictSkillDict Zrt.

SkillDict Zrt., which has been operating for six years, is a specialist in electronic education with outstanding expertise in the field of human resource development and training. Our company has developed a modern digital education platform - called SkillToolkit Live! - which can also support prepare people whose work is characterized by strong stress, the need to make quick decisions, or even the performance of emergency tasks, when functional human knowledge that is applicable even in difficult moments is literally vital. With the help of the platform, interactive, competency-based, adaptive learning materials that greatly support the preparation of athletes and the work of their coaches can be created on a proven methodological basis, with rich multimedia content.

Web: skilldict.com

TeqballTeqball International Limited

The signature product of our company is the multifunctional Teq table, which is a new sports equipment based on a 100% Hungarian innovation. It is perfectly suitable for professional athletes as well as amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration, and stamina but it is also a perfect leisure activity.

The sports that can be played on the Teq table are teqball, teqvoly, qatch, teqpong, teqis and parasports (para teqball, para teqvoly, para teqpong and para teqis). There are four types of Teq tables: Teq X, Teq LITE, Teq ONE, and Teq SMART. Our tables are made to meet strict standards of quality and durability. TEQ X, Teq LITE, Teq ONE and Teq SMART tables are ideal sports equipment for public places, hotels, parks, schools, families, clubs, leisure centers, fitness centers, beaches, etc.The tables are disabled-friendly, the various rules make it possible for everyone to find the most suitable sport to play.

További információ: teqball.com/en/shop


Our self-developed software called Trackateam is an administration software for innovative sports clubs, which has a number of features that can help an entire club run on a daily basis. It has features such as:

  • Register of players, coaches, staff
  • Management of age groups
  • Create exercises and training plans with pictures and videos
  • Create events like training, training match, league match, general event or even individual training
  • Virtual storage for the assets (balls, ladders etc.)
  • Create tests (for example a running test with the following aspects: 10m,20m,40m)
  • Create statistics of training attendances or matches
  • Financial module: Management of membership fees. (Online credit card payment is already possible)
  • Manage results, create post-match statistics
  • Travel creation, automatic passenger list generation, with which you can also order a bus
  • Internal chat between the staff members
  • Export full athlete profile

TSO MedicalTSO Medical Hungary Kft.

As an expert on both domestic and international trends in sports, TSO Medical Hungary Ltd. specializes in executing premium quality, innovative projects. Following a period of dynamic progress, various sports tech fields have gone through exponential development recently, making it a challenging task to keep up with all the changes.

We provide our clients and athletes the most effective, state-of-the-art solutions, whether the task at hand is performance enhancement, performance diagnostics, or rehabilitation

Our portfolio has been assembled from products manufactured by market-leading companies. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive professional service from planning and procurement to operation and provision of qualified personnel.


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