Theoretical Modules

The curriculum of the theoretical modules of the course deals with the art and science of coaching with relevant specifications to Canoe-Kayak sport.

The content of the theory modules includes the following subjects:

  • Exercise physiology
  • Training theory and methodology
  • Sport injuries
  • Sport Psychology
  • Decision making and leadership in coaching
  • Coaching Principles

Practical Modules

The practical modules is 3 weeks staying in Budapest in May 2017 of the course  includes classroom instruction, sport-specific presentations, practical activities. The content includes coaching information pertaining to sprint events in Canoe-Kayak. The course apply coaching principles, skills, drills, training methods, strategy and tactics, detection and correction of errors. The modules furthermore involve actual coaching experience, practical lessons, training visits, competitions and analyses. The participants will visit the high level Budapest Championships and National Championships, where the course participants will perform specific tasks and performance analysis in a pre-described manner. The practical and technical parts of the course also contain home assignments and independent study.

The content of the practical modules includes the following subjects:

  • Skills and motor development
  • Sport technique
  • Conditioning
  • Observation and competition analysis
  • Teaching and coaching skills