Admission prerequisites

Prerequisites for Admission: Prospective candidates should hold a BA or BSc diploma in a relevant field within Sport Science or Humanities. Priority will be given to those with qualifications in disciplines such as International Relations, Sports Science, Business Administration and/or Economics, Communication, and Marketing. A minimum of 80 ECTS credits or their equivalent is required. A copy of the degree should be included as part of the application package.

Lack of criminal record is one of the entrance criteria that has to be proved by an official document issued by the official national authority, not older than 3 months.

Language Proficiency Criteria: Applicants must possess a minimum of B2 level proficiency in English or its equivalent. A robust and actively utilized command of the English language is imperative, while proficiency in additional languages is highly regarded and appreciated.

Competencies to consider for credit

Applicants seeking credit for their professional sport career or diplomatic career should highlight their relevant competencies. Additionally, candidates with an additional Bachelor's or Master's degree in fields related to Sport Science, Humanities, Economics, or other pertinent academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. Submission of a copy of their degree or diploma should be included in the application package. Furthermore, individuals who have pursued further related training, such as Leadership, Business Coaching, Project Management, and Communication, are also eligible for credit consideration. It is important to emphasize these qualifications in the application process to demonstrate a comprehensive and well-rounded background.

Registration deadline: 31 October, 2023. (23:59)

Please register and then submit your application at here.

Start date: January, 2023.


  • Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Sports Diplomacy
  • ILEPS, Cerny, France
  • UNM GEO, Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Foro University, Rome, Italy
  • Tesla University, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Teqball Hungary

Training venue
Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS/ Magyar Testnevelési és Sporttudományi Egyetem) Alkotás út 42-28. H-1123 Budapest

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