Regulations of ICC

Pre-Conditions for Application

  • English proficiency at the minimum of B1 level
  • Minimum of a high school diploma
  • Relevant coaching and/or sport experience in an Olympic sport discipline
  • Arrangement with NOC for OS funding application (if supported by OS)
  • Medical certification (download here)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and recommendation letter from National Federation
  • Valid passport

Please ensure that all required documents are complete, up to date and submitted along with the application. All accepted applicants must obtain the relevant type of Schengen visa valid for the whole course and travel dates. All accepted applicants must send proof of insurance covering their whole stay at Budapest.

General Regulations

  • Applications must be completed and submitted using the official application form
  • Applications will be processed within one week of receipt
  • Applicants wishing to apply for the OS scholarship should do through their NOC upon acceptance for the program
  • The application period closes one month before the course starts; late submissions are not accepted, no exceptions are made
  • Participants are expected to respect their instructors by arriving punctually for all classes
  • Signing a declaration of responsibility is mandatory for participants who intend to leave Budapest independently, outside the program's activities

The program adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy, ensuring equal opportunities and respect for all participants regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality.

Study regulations

  • Participants must maintain regular attendance and actively engage in all course activities
  • All course materials will be distributed through the university's E-learning platform
  • Participants are required to submit a study report on their selected sport specialization – standardized format available on E-learning
  • Each theoretical subject concludes with a compulsory exam
  • Absences must not exceed 5% of the total class sessions

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in not receiving a certificate of completion.


  • Exams are conducted through the university’s e-learning platform
  • Results of the exams are marked from 1-5, a minimum grade of 2 is required to pass:
    • excellent (5)
    • good (4)
    • satisfactory (3)
    • acceptable (2)
    • insufficient (1).
  • Participants who successfully complete the ICC will receive a Coach’s Certificate

Regulations under OS

Participants are expected to work in accordance with the foundational values of Olympism, demonstrating exemplary standards in line with these principles:

  • Excellence: Strive for excellence and encourage individuals to achieve their personal best in all endeavors.
  • Respect: Demonstrate respect in all forms, including self-respect, adherence to rules, respect for opponents, the environment, and the public.
  • Friendship: Celebrate friendship by fostering an inclusive atmosphere, setting aside rivalries, and embracing the unity that the Olympic Games symbolize.

Thank you for respecting HUSS and IOC regulations and thus contributing to the success of International Coaching Course.

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