Course overview


The course content is designed to meet the needs of coaches working with both developing and elite athletes. The program includes both theoretical and practical teaching hours, and completing both components is essential for training competent coaches. The teaching staff consists of internationally renowned university professors, specialists, qualified coaches, and sports scientists, ensuring the quality of education.

Students receive intensive education in the following theoretical subjects:

  • Biomechanics
  • Conditioning and Prevention
  • Ethics of Sport Coaching
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Human Biology
  • Science in Sports
  • Sport Analytics
  • Sport Injuries
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Sport Pedagogy
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport Sociology
  • Training Theory

Participants engage in practical coaching at leading Hungarian sports clubs, supervised by senior lecturers and their assistants. Applications are open for 7-10 Olympic sports every year, depending on the demand and actual applications. HUSS offers General Conditioning every semester, a sport specification unique to our university.

Social programs

Each course offers multiple optional social programs to build an international community and showcase Hungarian traditions. Participants can join seasonal activities such as seasonal parties, quiz nights, picnics, bowling, or playing soccer matches against HUSS staff.


The course is primarily taught at the HUSS campus. Sport specializations will take place both on campus, utilizing new sports facilities, and occasionally involve visits to leading sport clubs. Check out the pictures of our campus!


The HUSS library stands as the only institution in the country dedicated to collecting literature on physical education and sports. Its primary mission is to provide specialized resources for teaching, learning, and research within the University and other Hungarian sports organizations. The holdings including a significant number of English-language materials, the library offers all participants unrestricted free access to support their academic endeavors throughout the course.


The course materials will be accessible to all participants through the university's e-learning platform, which serves as an interactive space for students, facilitating quick access to all necessary information. This platform not only enhances learning through its interactive features but also serves as the primary venue for examinations, ensuring convenience and efficiency in assessment processes.

Study report

Students are required to submit a study report by the course's conclusion. Organizers supply participants with notebooks and pens, though bringing a personal laptop is recommended. The library offers computer and internet access to facilitate studying.

Core Organisational Values for International Coaching Course(s)

At the heart of our community is a set of core values that ensure a welcoming environment for all.

  • Leadership: we take collective responsibility for all the sports and inspire through innovation and shared purpose.
  • Excellence: We strive for high standards in all areas of sports worldwide.
  • Integrity: Consistently acting with high ethical values, mutual respect and honesty.
  • Inclusivity: Acting fairly, impartially, equally and inclusively concerning race, gender, religion, ability, age, national or ethnic origin.
  • Passion: We act with enthusiasm, passion, and pride, with a desire to excel in what we do.
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