International Coaching Course


International Coaching Course (ICC) is a prestigious 9-week on-campus program at the Hungarian University of Sports Science (HUSS), organized in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and supported by Olympic Solidarity (OS). Since its launch in 1971, the ICC has aimed to educate and train coaches from around the globe, providing a comprehensive blend of theoretical and practical coaching education.

This program offers a systematic approach for coaches to enhance their knowledge and skills in the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of coaching. Held twice a year during spring and fall, the ICC includes both theoretical and practical teaching hours across various sports disciplines. Participants can specialize in up to 10 of the 28 Olympic sports available per semester.

The ICC is an exceptional opportunity for determined coaches aspiring for excellence and expertise. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of participants, from former elite sportsmen and coaches to master coaches, providing new and innovative methods of coaching with a balanced emphasis on theory and practice.

International Coaching Course(graduation ceremony R-L: dr Csaba Okros, vice rector of general affairs of HUSS, dr habil Judit Kadar, director of international relations, Prof dr h.c. Lajos Mocsai, president of HUSS foundation, Prof dr Tamas Sterbenz, rector of HUSS, H.E. Mrs Gjeneza Budima, Ambassador of Kosovo in Hungary, OS scholarship holders from Botswana, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Barbados, Kosovo, Bahrain, Tanzania; Silvia Lucciarini, project manager, Olympic Solidarity, Yassine Yousfi, head of entourage unit, Olympic Solidarity)

Applicants must demonstrate a medical certificate (download the medical certificate standardized compulsory form here) proving excellent health conditions and English proficiency at the minimum of B1 level on the oral-English tests post application. This ensures that all participants can comprehend learning materials and actively engage in classes and programs. In addition, all applicants must have basic insurance covering their whole stay and a visa – if required -valid for the whole duration of the course.

The ICC attracts a diverse group of students each semester, supported by their respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs). Participants may benefit from Olympic scholarships for coaches, which cover the course fees – if supported by both OS and the NOC. Applicants interested in these scholarships should submit applications directly to Olympic Solidarity through their NOC via the Relay Online platform.

Participation fee is 7900 EUR including the instruction, examinations, accommodation, daily dietary allowance, the use of university facilities, Budapest public transportation pass valid throughout the whole stay, transportation to and from the airport, admittance to cultural and social programs, and limited HUSS merchandise products. Sport equipment, airfare tickets and Schengen visa are not included. For further details, see the Course Overview link.

International Coaching Course

Upon completing the program, participants receive a Certificate of Completion, gaining internationally recognized qualifications that enhance their expertise and open new career opportunities in the sports field. HUSS, renowned for its century-old traditions and innovations in sports and health sciences, continues to support athletes and coaches in achieving excellence, contributing to numerous European, world, and Olympic champions.

International Coaching Course at HUSS is a highly respected program that not only advances coaching skills but also fosters international cooperation and excellence in sports. It stands as a beacon of educational and professional development for coaches worldwide, preparing them to train the next generation of athletes with the highest standards of knowledge and practice.

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NOCs interested in benefitting from an Olympic scholarship to cover the course fee should submit an application directly to Olympic Solidarity through the Relay Online platform and through the Programme of Olympic scholarships for coaches.

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