The main aim of the TE Alumni Office is to find and assemble TE alumni (“TF-esek”) and to sustain a vital and prosperous bond amongst them as members. The acting body of the Alumni Office is the Alumni Board.

The office is responsible for our programs, all in accordance with TE traditions as well as the requirements of the given era. Anyone who is a former student, lecturer or researcher of the University of Physical Education or its institutional predecessor, regardless of nationality, can be a member. In cooperation with other alumni bodies, the task is to connect and maintain working relations between experts involved with the University of Physical Education.

The Jubilee Commemorative Certificates are awards for alumni who graduated fifty or more years ago. The awarding ceremony is always organized by the Alumni Office, which aims at further enhancing the good reputation of the University.


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  • Office Manager: Bernadett Heintz
  • Telephone: +36-1-4879200/61221
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