Academic Publication

The “rebirth” of TF, as University of Physical Education (UPE) and 90th anniversary of the foundation of this Institution by Kuno Klebersberg imposes new obligations upon us. Among others, we would like to strengthen our scientific research to meet the expectations of the university status and establish a high standard, bilingual - Hungarian and English - forum for the publication of new results.

This new journal entitled “Physical Education, Sport, Science’ (PSS), published for times in a year by the University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary is intended to serve these goals. The name of the Journal indicates our new ambitions and aims. At the same time, this Journal is the intel­lectual successor of the well-known and esteemed „Kalokagathia”, which played an important role in the publication of sport related scientific and other articles for many decades at the University.

The establishment of the four Institutes of the University of Physical Education offers the possibility to group the publications according to these four main topics (whenever possible). This is not only important because of formality, but in terms of content as well. We would like to emphasize that sport (competitive or lei­sure) plays an increasingly important role in society and in the maintenance of healthy life of individuals, facts, which impose great responsibility on us and our students. We should raise to a higher level the motto of Kuno Klebelsberg: "Unite the mind, the moral and the power" by doing high quality research in the fields of physical education and sportsciences.

The cultivation of wide range of sport sciences reveals the great impact of sport on the society, economy, physiology, medicine, genetics and gerontology, etc. Thus, we plan to publish the latest results on all aspects of sport related research by teachers and researchers of physical education, training, social and natural sciences. Of course, we are looking forward to receiving manuscripts from other national and international researchers working on the field of sport sciences. We are also planning the publication of the abstracts of confer­ences organized by UPE and short summaries of the dissertations of our young PhD students.

Adapting to the modern age, PSS will be published on-line, like many other prestigious sci­entific journals, thus will be available on the internet and accessible for all readers.  The Editorial Board consisted of well-known national and international researchers, and more members can be expected to join us. We anticipate that Board members will contribute by sending manuscripts to PSS regarding to their original research or review articles.